Thursday, 20 July 2017

SOQS...Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show 2017

Saturday morning the mountains were bathed in a pink glow as the sun rose.
 Since 2013 I've been invited by Anna to meet at her place for breakfast and meet some of her local friends, her sister from Napa, friends from Washington state and other parts before heading off to the show.
 We got to the corner of Ash and Cascade just before 8 a.m.  The fire fighters were just leaving from hanging the quilts on the side of The Stitchin' Post.
 The crowd was able to get closer to the the quilts once the firetruck and firemen left.
 June Jaeger's pig quilt in sunlight.
 Love this pick up truck.
 Jean's grand daughter's koi pond quilt.
 I think this was Jean's nest quilt.
 Houses on the hill side.
 Valori Well's dresden plate had a place at the peak.
 I'm not sure who did this one.
 Anna is a Friend of the SOQS and had arrange to get into the Lion King display early to video it for her youtube channel Quilt Roadies.  I was fortunate to be in there while she filmed.
 This was a Cherrywood Fabrics challenge.  Over three hundred entries and there are 120 quilts travelling around to various shows.
 Each participant was given three gold fabrics and one black.  They could add other Cherrywood Fabrics but no prints.
 There were first second and third prize winners and there are 20 Disney's Choice ribbon winners.
 These 20 ribbon winners will be on display next year on Broadway to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lion King.
Some of the details done on these pieces is unbelievable.

  Having spent a month in Kenya in 1977 I found the images shared are so well done of the landscape of Africa.
 It's hard to choose a favourite
 Some of these have 3-D effects along with beading and other embellishments.
 If you get a chance to see these in person do it!
This was one of my favourites.
 This had some wonderful 3-D additions.
 I think this was my overall favourite.
 Jeff was responsible for getting this display to come to the SOQS.

 Here he is about to start singing to a soundtrack of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
 You can go here and see Anna's Video of the exhibit along with some commentary.

If you are interested in seeing their new challenge at Cherrywood Fabrics called Van Gogh, click here the deadline is August 1, 2017.

Back outside we ran into Tamra Dumholt who was one of the feature quilters of the show.
Love the colours and simplicity of this star sampler.
 This rainbow piece is wonderful in person.  She was lucky to have a nice shady spot in a grove of trees.
 Granny Squares interpreted into a quilt.
 Love the raindrops.
 I think this is her interpretation of Tula Pink's City Sampler.
 Citrus colours with Aqua.
 I loved this pieced stained glass star quilt.
 I love this Sunset on the Bay by Jan Reading of Boulder Colorado.
 Another wonderful citrus star sampler.
 Anna beside her Farm Girls quilt.
 I like going and taking pictures of Cascade Hwy as the show progresses.  They close it out to traffic.  I was surprised that even at about 0930 it wasn't too crowded yet.  I think people were more on the back streets at this time.
 Some lovely modern trees.
 Black Bird Lane by Denise Kruppenger of Joseph Oregon.  The applique is fused but the colours are lovely.
 Love these Autumn harvest splendor vegetables.
 In the teacher's tent I saw Tonye Belinda Phillips House Party Revival Quilt.  I'm working on it and need to get back to it.  I mislaid some of my chimneys but found them so I stalled.  Later in the day I was walking to the Stitchin' Post and commented on a lovely print dress to a woman.  As I walked away I heard someone say Tonye!  After they spoke I realized it was the designer Tonye so I introduced myself.  We follow each other on Instagram.  What a lucky encounter.
 Sarah Fielke and Tula Pink.  I'm doing Sarah's Down the Rabbit Hole BOM, she is an Australian designer who arrived the day before teaching classes on Monday.  I'm sure she was jet lagged.
 Anna taught a Buttermilk Basin design but this is her Snapshots quilt on display in the teacher's tent.
 I love the colour palette of this quilt by Pam Raby.
 Rising Suns.
 Not sure who did this one but love the colours.
 More great colours on a low volume background.
 Another June Jager piece.
 June Jager.
 Sarah's Happy Days BOM from last year.  She has published a book with the pattern.
 Love the rabbit.
 One of my favourite blocks I appliqued.  I need to get back to all the pieced blocks.
 Back to the show this Abe Lincoln quilt was getting a lot of attention.
 Who! are you looking at?
 Another June Jaeger quilt from the teacher's tent.
 A young street performer.
 Lush hanging baskets in the almost 90F weather by 1045.
 One of the Story Quilts this one was designed by June Jaeger and was purchased by Anna.  It is amazing@
 I've always love metal spiral staircases but I don't think I've ever walked down one.
 One place I love going into on show day is the Stitchin' Post, never to purchase just look around.  Fortunately I'm tall and can see above the crowds.  The line ups for cash were about 10 or more deep!
 Lovely colours of fabrics and samples.
 Lots of people with hats on for sun protection.
 I did manage to get their On The Go row without having to wait in line.  Just the free pattern, no purchase.
 Love the simplicity of these two modern quilts.
Love taking pictures of the mirrors reflecting the store.

 Just before 1100 looking up Cascade Hwy.
 A Mary Lou Weidman inspired Hoity Toity house quilt.  Me and My Sisters by Renee Myles of Yakima Washington.
 Howdy Jill by Jill.
 Looking back at the shop.  Line ups to try and get inside.
 Just before noon at Cascade Hwy.  Time to leave and check out Bend and Redmond quilt shops and cool off for awhile.
Make sure you make a trip one day to the Stitchin' Post and if possible make it on SOQS week.


WoolenSails said...

I love all the photos you took and your comments on each, it is like being there.
So many gorgeous art pieces, inspires me to start some of my own.
So fun that you can meet up with Anna and share the day with her.


Kyle said...

Thanks again for taking the time to share your Sister's adventures and great quilt photos.

The little book of Nessie said...

Great quilts, so much talent. You certainly had a wonderful time. Regards, Nessie

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

That brings back some good memories, thanks! Are most of the quilts now modern, or was it that you didn't show the traditional ones in your post? I'm just curious. Things are changing everywhere. I saw the Lincoln quilt at Quilt Con in Savannah this year, and it is truly amazing!