Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Walk in the Pines with Rob Appell

Sunday morning we went to join Rob Appell for a walk in the pines and hear about his journey thru quilting.  Due to the sensitive nature of the environment we weren't able to walk with the group due to the amount of people.  So we walked it in reverse.  He did a series of endangered species quilts and these are the ones I'm going to highlight.  Frog was the first we saw.
 Detail of pelican, they all were extreme close ups of the animals but impactful from a distance.
 Clown fish.
 A lizard
 From afar some are in bright light and
 Snake and eagle.
 Tiger and Polar bear.
 Beautiful creek and tall pines.
 Inside the lecture Rob gave.
 He bought his mom a pogo stick for her upcoming birthday.
 I think this is a red wolf.
 Some of his new designs made with a special ruler.
 Different colours and setting.
 Getting his point across and finishing the lecture. Check out his website and blog here.


Kyle said...

All I can say is Wow! You're so fortunate to have seen these in person.

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

Thanks for sharing these. They are all wonderful quilts, and I'll bet the lecture was so interesting. I hope his mom likes the pogo stick! The clown fish really appeals to me.

The little book of Nessie said...

Such a lovely setting for all those amazing quilts. Regards, Nessie