Saturday, 1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day and Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild 2017 show.

This lovely piece was created by Cher she did an amazing job of designing and quilting this Canadian flag.  she used fabrics that she drapped and had folds as any flag flying in the wind would have.
 The guild challenge was to use red and white and one random colour with the theme What Does Canada Mean To You?
 This was amazing to see in person.
 Some had words other had images.
 Such a magnificent country I'm proud to call home.
 The centre picture in the top row is the Peace Arch crossing that I often cross when leaving home.
 Beautiful images of Canada.
 Evergreen trees, and Maple leaves.
My friend Ethel entered her Gwen Marsden inspired basket.  Her's took a sea them and was a combination of cotton and wool.  She used the words from Seasons in the Sun for inspiration.
 Ethel's Gathering of Crows design by Cheri Payne an on line sew along.

 Let It Snow by Ethel designed by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin Designs.

 This was a texture challenge designed by my friend Mary.
 Lorna designed this one.
 Another piece by Mary.
 Jane who has done many Dear Jane quilts did this one.
 I forgot who did this piece.
 This is a pattern designed by Bonnie Hwang, sorry don't recall who did it and I can't read the information.
 Cathy did this improv piece in a class with Krista Hennbury.
 I finally had my Cow quilt on display in Canada, she toured many shows for two years.  She finally got some udder star buttons added along with some before and after ...the cow....
 Gave her some eyelashes also.
 Hand pieced and machine quilted by Val
 Another one I forgot who did but love the green background.
 This was done by Fumiko using some traditional Japanese fabrics with a modern twist.  She got the Viewer's Choice and CQA award for it.
 I think this was a metallic satin that was ruched for the flowers.
 Love the hat and profiles she designed.
 Interesting mask.
 Such attitude.
 Masquerade got the CQA award.
 I got a Vendor's choice win for one of my quilts that I called Mary Lou's Girlfriends.  She will be releasing the pattern soon and then I'll show the quilt.
 Judy designed this during a 5 day workshop with Jean Wells.
 I call this one Phoenix...rising from the ashes of UFO's.  Bird Brain designed by Dougal Walker one of our guild members aka Freckles Designs.

 A piece I did in a Circle Play workshop with Terry Aske called Terry's Circles.  I adapted her design.

Whimsical baby and mama turtle design by Cindy.
 Another piece designed by Cher for her daughter.  Using some curved piecing techniques in a Judy Farrow class.
 A more traditional quilt by Fumiko.
 Lovely piece by Nancy.
 Sunflower Gathering designed by Lisa Bongean made by Becky.
 Our raffle quilt designed by Cher and Val.


WoolenSails said...

The quilts are amazing, a lot of creative designs.
Your cow is fun and I like the additions.


The little book of Nessie said...

Lots of variety with all the marvellous quilts displayed. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie

Karen said...

The variety of Canada quilts is oh so interesting. Some very well done designs.

Kyle said...

You and your friends wee able to include some wonderful quilts to the show. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos.

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

Fabulous show, from what you showed here. You and your friends are way out of my league. =) Thanks for sharing all these, and happy Canada day, too.