Monday, 24 December 2018

Happy Christmas Eve Day to all.

Decided to walk down to my favourite breakfast place this morning and was happy to see the clouds starting to break after the wind and rainstorms we've had since last week.
 An hour later things were getting even brighter.
 Love the sky behind the tree and the reflections in the windows of the building adjacent.
 I spotted an eagle over the condos when I glanced in that direction.
 In fact there were two, one is just above the chimney structure.  A friend nicknamed them Hector and Henrietta many years ago.  They often perch on top of the Inn at the Quay.  I havent seen them for awhile.  They have a nest across the river.

 They kept circling around.
 Then one flew over towards the river with a seagull following behind.
 Roses are still trying to bloom this late in the season.
 Rose hips, one of natures Christmas decorations.
 Rhododendrons still blooming or trying to.
 Persistent aren't they?
 Another rose.
 Love these red and green rose hip looking like Christmas balls.
 Making some progress on block one of Fresh Cut.  Still waiting on some threads I need.
 I may have gone a bit overboard on the French knots.
 Love the variegated blue on the different wools and cottons.
 Again some more blue against the leaves and random cross stitches on the black cotton background.
 A start on block two.
 Love the fabrics that my friend Uschi has kitted together. Her website will hopefully be up and running soon at Woolies On The Coast. She is trying to get the right colours of her hand dyed wools to be viewed.
 Drizzle stitches on a folded velvet hexagon.
 The large centre bloom.
 Again a bit overboard on the seed stitches/
 Fly stitch and French Knots.
 I've couched the chenille down with thread and will be doing some bullion knots over the stem.
 One of the gals in the Burnaby Woolies group that meets at The Needle and I Quilt Shop got her Family Tree she designed from the long arm quilter at our last get together.  She designed it for her parents and is truly amazing.
 Check out the back!
 She used a transfer film to add the names to white wool and then stitched them on.
 Here and there she added different stitching motifs.
 Mom and dad.
 and the rest of the family.

 I've also got a start on the Something's Fishy first block.
 Love the shapes of the first two fish Uschi designed.
 Linen and cotton circles.
   I signed up with another Wonky Star Instagram Swap.  This time I asked for black on black backgrounds. Sadly the effects of our recent Canada Post job actions have resulted with only three of the envelops being delivered so far. Love these Canadian turquoise stars.
 A turquoise and yellow star set from another Canadian.
 And a set of yellow and turquoise from Germany.
Have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow wherever you may live.


The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely to see the eagles in flight. You are going well with all your projects. Your pictures are beautiful. Happy Christmas 🎄Nessie

Karen in Breezy Point said...

It’s always a thrill to see the eagles soaring! Your stitching is gorgeous and so fun. Happy holidays to you!

Sharon said...

Wow, you have lots of goodness on this post! Love all the wool stitchery, esp. since I don't do it. Amazing that you are north of us and still have roses blooming! And that family tree is so wonderful! Love those wonky stars! That has been such a fun swap, hasn't it? I hope you get all your star blocks soon!

Happy New Year!