Friday, 12 July 2013

Antique shopping

Look at thus beautiful old treadle I saw today.

Improved New Companion.

Lovely drawers, if it was closer to home I might have bought it.

I'm a sucker for almost anything turquoise. But this one didn't come home.

If they were a set I would have bought them both.

The slotted spoon did come home though.

Made by Ecko.

I've always wanted one of these. I just saw a post that someone had taken off the finish and stripped out the sad.

Patented February 19 1889!

The velvet was in great condition, just needs to be cleaned up.

It's called a Singer Puzzle Box and used to house all the sewing machine attachments.

Completely opened.

The wood is in very good condition. I got it for $8.00!

The quilt I saw in May, I phoned and paid for it. I said I'd come down later to pick it up.

Interesting design.

A mix of prints and solids.

Clam shell hand quilting all over except the outline of the appliqué.

An interesting sewing box.

The top lifts.

And there are almost plastic pockets to store things in.

They flip forward. I don't think it has been used.

The Haband Company has been around since 1925, the year my mom was born!

What is that vial?

A needle threaders and magnifier.

William Thomas and Sons Inc, product. I can't find anything about them.

Made in the U.S.A. I thought twice about buying it and decided to get it. Bonus, it was 75% off, I got it for less than $3.00!
More adventures to come.
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paulette said...

SCORE!!! Wow...all great finds and for VERY good prices!! Well done!