Friday, 19 July 2013

Some final pictures of Sisters Quilt Show

 The colours in this rose was lovely against the neutral background. The balloon quilt was from Montana.
 Cascade Avenue about 1130 starting to get crowded.
 A love log cabin quilt with a twist.
 I saw two versions of this quilt, reminds me of the Sisters area.
 Great scrappy quilt.
 A closer look.
 People checking out the cow parade, note the flag isn't moving, nary a breeze to be felt.
 Always a smile and a chuckle to be seen around the cows.
 Some modern houses.
 A cooling fountain.
 A log building showing off some quilts.
 Metal art for sale.
 Another piece.
 The second Sisters quilt, a different colour palate.
 Love the signs notice the glass door knob.
 The other side.
 Over sized blossoms.
I went to the Oregon Summer Quilt Expo, I found it disappointing but found a lovely vendor
 Cathy has started dying her own wool and designing a few pieces Here colours are lovely check her out here.
 Little rolls of wool.
 Great samples.
 Her original pattern.
 Log cabin blooms.
 Two feathered friends.
 Two pillows.
 Outside the skies were blue and a bit of a breeze got the windmill moving.
 The three Sisters Mountains off in the distance.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You did a great job with all your pictures. It was a lovely day - not too hot for the Sisters Quilt show. Just never know how it will be. Two years ago Cathy and I went and it was HOT!

Maybe next year we will be in Sisters vendoring and we can see some of the quilts.