Sunday, 14 July 2013

Breakfast with Anna, the Woolie Mammoth...

Take a look at this view of two of the three mountains Sisters is named after.

Anna has a blog called the Woolie Mammoth that I follow. Check out her blog here. 
She recently moved to her new home in Sisters this past April. When I commented on her blog that I would love to meet up with her at the show she said...

And she told me she was having a few friends over for breakfast at 7 a.m. I didn't know if I could make it because I was staying 2 hours away...but I did.

Here are Anna and her sisters and a few of the friends.

Another shot, but I still didn't get everyone. I think we're were 12-14 in total.

This beautiful sculpture graces their living room.

Peeking up some stairs you see this lovely quilt.

Looking to the top is a lovely China cabinet.

On the wall above the stairs and adjacent to the China cabinet is this basket quilt.

Turning the corner to her studio is this lovely old stove from her mom's kitchen.

I didn't take any overall pictures but I'll tell you it is lovely. She has a rectangular table with chairs for friends to sit, stitch and have a cup of tea or coffee. In the middle is her cutting table. And against the second set of windows is her sewing machine and some lovely collectible are around the room. This homage is to her mom and dad.

Words to live by.

A lovely old thread display filled with great things.

A child's toy Singer, I have one also.

More words to live by found above her fabric closet.

Can you see the set of drawers just inside on the left? Oh to have such a space.

A previous Sisters poster bag.

Wool? But of course for the Woolie Mammouth.

A beautiful runner downstairs on her dining table.

Showing off her new project Glamping quilt for her camper. I got some of it and may do something similar but smaller.

Thanks Anna, it was a pleasure to meet you, your sisters and friends. Hope to catch up with you again soon.
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paulette said...

Wow!! Lucky you!! And a royal tour to boot!! Sweet!