Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bend Oregon Quilt Shops.

I was driving down the road looking for a book store and stumbled upon Quiltworks.  Anna from the Woolie Mammoth often shares slide shows when they change over their feature artist displays and I was hoping to find it along with some other stores I recall from my last visit here.
 This beautiful little quilt was made by a friend of Mary Ann's.
 Their classroom space is quite large and full of samples.
 Upstairs you get a lovely view of what they have for sale in the store.
 They had a challenge on and I loved the free piecing done in this tree.
 Birthday anyone?
 Based on a card.
 Donna Cherry was their featured artist and she has some patterns for sale.
 Remembering recent forest fires.
 Lovely detail.
 Smaller floral pieces.
 The detail on the dandelion fluff was great, look at those wind swirls.
 The seed head was 3D.
 Cone flowers.
 Koi and water lilies.
 Dragonfly and lilies.
 Grand Canyon resident.
 The face had been trapunto to give it dimension.
 Next stop was Sew Many Quilts, this is a huge double store.  A bus arrived just before I did.
 Lovely Red work.
 Bundles of wool around this display.
 Wool Penny Rug with books and more wool below.
 Sew many choices.
 Bright solids along with black.
 Displays right up to the rafters.
 One of several cutting areas.
 Samples everywhere you looked.
 Another little corner of display and samples.
 Cute Easter quilt.
 Love the old dolls and carriage.
 To remember the 75th anniversary of the Bernina Brand Bernina 105 introduced in 1932.
  A splash of Halloween right by the cash register to inspire you.
Hope you enjoyed the visit to Sisters and the surrounding area.


paulette said...

Wow!! This looks like another good one to add to my list...which is growing by leaps and bounds! Thanks for sharing!

The little book of Nessie said...

Interesting quilts and looks like a great shop to visit! Regards, Nessie