Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cow Parade, Antique Quilts, the Stitching Post

Bright and early I met up with Mary Lou Weidman and Mel McFarlane to check out the Cow Parade.
 Moey Fiesta by Joanie Korte and Boo Moo by Molly Evangalisti.
 Cow Tipping by Teri Jones and Moody Blues by Wendy Latta.
 Zorro the Boovine by Eilene Hamilton and Panamoo Canal by Susan Typpi.
 Psycowdelic by Mary Lou Weidman.
 Red White & Moo by Mel McFarlane.
 Around the corner Halloween!
 Cute Witches.
 Baby Chicks quilted into the background.
 Lovely animal chains.
 Metal silhouette on top of a garbage can.
 Metal horse sculpture.
 Beautiful petunia hanging baskets.
 Birdhouse anyone?
 Metal flamingos.
 Twister quilts.
 Bright colours for the garden.
 Cherry blossoms and a bridge.
Antique quilt, love the cheddar.
 Great sign.
 Another one.
Outside of The Stitching Post.
 The other half.
A closer look.
 Imagine the fish that fly would catch.
 Great colours.
 Love the poppies and stream.
 The Stitching Post and their home decorating shop Twigs.
 Huge vaulted ceilings to hang quilts.  This was shortly after they opened!
 Bird shelf inspired by Valori Wells design.
 More shoppers.
 Lovely samples.
 Bold simply design.
 Sue Spargo Earth 'n' Twig design.
 Lovely colour and design.
 Tonye Phillips design.
 Home and garden, love the graphics.

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