Wednesday, 18 July 2018

On The Road To...

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  First stop after leaving at about 6:45 in the morning was at Sisters Quilt Shop in Chehalis Washington. Here is their Row by Row block for Sew Musical.  I've posted pictures of this shop several times while heading down to Sisters Oregon so if you check my previous trips down in July you can see it is a huge store with an amazing selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics amongst other fabric lines.
 The treat this year was spotting this gorgeous lone star quilt.  It was a top gifted by either her grandmother or great aunt.  A friend of hers machine quilted it for her and she was coming to check out their large 1930's reproduction fabrics for something to do the binding with.
 This is just pretty in real life and looks good in photos!
 Next stop was Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop in Vancouver Washington. This is always a favourite stop for me and Cheran the owner is a lovely lady.  I love how she did both the Treble and Base Clef in her feathered heart design for the row by row block.
 Here is her Wooly Block from the Autumn row by row.
 Ann Shaw is based out of this shop and I adore her designs.  This pattern came home with me.
 In the classroom and thru the shop they have many of her quilts on display.  It's hard to pick favourites.
 Love this dog.
 I also wanted Sunshine Smiles and her larger Duck pattern and Cheran is kindly mailing them to me when she restocks.  A bus of quilters cleaned her out of several of Ann's designs.
 Made a quick stop in Portland at Fabric Depot.  I had hoped to meet up with my friend Michelle, but she was already having lunch and couldn't get over and back to work in time.  They did musical notes behind the silhouette of on of the many bridges leading into Portland.
 One of my favourite shops in the Portland area is Pioneer Quilts.  I had to get this cute kit from Hatched and Patched.
 The architecture of the Historic Broetje House is amazing along with all the windows letting in nature light.
 They have everything from cottons to Japanese fabrics, batiks, linen, wool, embroidery supplies to tempt you.
 Their Sew Musical Row by Row block is wonderful.  Usually they incorporate some wool but this year was just cottons.
 Part of their wool corner.
 There is a breezeway between the shop and the classroom space which is filled with some wonderful samples. Love this colourful wool sampler of sheep.

I think this one is done with cottons and or flannels.
 These bunnies were in the classroom space.
 Love this whimsical Art Journal Quilts sample.
 The garden was overgrown with ivy when they purchased the building and as it has been trimmed and pulled out some lovely flowers have come back.  Love this Clematis.
 I could spend hours wondering around taking pictures.
 Love this deep pink one.
 Hiding behind the blade of grass.
 Gorgeous Hollyhocks.
 I see a quilt somewhere hiding among these flowers.
 So pretty.
 My great grandmother used to grow these.
 So at Sisters Quilt Shop I got this fun 1930's turquoise print and their row.
 Fiddlesticks I got Curious Duck and these two wool fabrics.  I forgot to check before leaving and I didn't have their row by row, but Cheran is going to send it along with the other two patterns...don't tell anyone.
 I got the kit to go with Pioneer Quilts Row by Row along with the kit for the pin cushion.
 I also bought some of the Rustic Moire 100% wool threads to try out.  Ironically the pinks and blue work with both the blues and pink fabrics I bought.
 I can't wait to try these out.
 Top from Pioneer Quilts, bottom from Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop.
 Now for a little quiz what chain of Motels do you think these bathroom pictures are from?
 Pretty sleek and modern looking right?
I'll let you know on my next post.


WoolenSails said...

Love all the quilts and that star is gorgeous. I like the bird piece you bought and the wools are beautiful, that will be fun to make.
I have not been in a hotel in years, no idea.


Anna said...

Pioneer Quilts is a favorite of mine :) You should take a class with Ann Shaw next year if she is teaching! Looks like quite a haul!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for a great day spent shopping! =) I know the motel because I read these in backward order, but I'm so surprised!