Sunday, 23 September 2012

First weekend of Autumn and last weekend of Summer

Several years ago I used to make mohair teddy bears, this little guy is completely hand stitched and represents the season of Autumn.  I also made ones for each of the other seasons that I will share as they arrive.
 Our last weekend of Summer was a lovely warm sunny one and I took advantage to take some photographs along the quay.  A lot of bugs were out enjoying the day.
 I like the colours in this pink and white dahlia.
 These marigolds had a housefly checking them out.
 I'm not sure what this long tailed insect was, but it let me take it's picture before flying off.
 The sunflowers looked amazing framed by the blue sky.
 Saturday morning we woke up to dull, cloudy skies, the water was from sprinklers, not rain but made for pretty accents on the flowers.
 I love the colours this oak leaf hydrandea turn in the Autumn.
 The witch hazel leaves are starting to turn.
 An unusual coloured lady bug.
 Fushias still blooming prettily.
 Water droplets on a marigold.
 Morning glory changing colours.
 Verbena with it's tiny florets.
Enjoy the coming season, I know I do.


The little book of Nessie said...

Your teddy looks great with his autumn tones. Love the pictures of the flowers. Regards, Nessie

Susan Torrens said...

It is lovely to see the flowers from the west coast. In Ontario, our hot dry summer sped everything along, and most of mine are finished early. The only thing blooming are some annuals. We'll begin garden clean-up early this fall!