Sunday, 9 September 2012

Northwest Getaway

Tuesday morning I packed up the car and picked up my mom for a quick little getaway.
We drove over the border and after having lunch at the Calico Cupboard in Mount Vernon we took the Keystone Ferry over to Port Townsend.  A favourite shop of mine has always been April Fool and Penny Too.
 I like the lovely soft blue grey aqua tones the building was painted with.
 Just outside the door, a watering station for dogs.
 Inside some lovely finds, this unusual red background double wedding ring quilt was very worn.
 An old vault door reveals a mini shopper's paradise.
Looking out over the harbour from inside the shop.                                                                                 
Across the street at The Green Eyeshade and interesting collection of wine glasses.                              
 I like the Cafe de Paris.
 Another lovely Parisian lady walking her French Poodle.
Uptown one of the regal painted ladies, this one is the Ann Starret House a lovely bed and breakfast.
Next door is this one with a widow's walk.                                                                                              
 Another beauty around the corner.
 The Quimper Inn another bed and breakfast.
 Check out the 3 different sidings on this one.
 A commanding view at the corner overlooking the port and downtown area.
Need some exercise take the stairs up to the top, they are steeper than they appear.                             
 What a lovely thought.
 Glass beads from Czechoslovakia.
 Purple Peruvian elephants.
Made from old steel oil drums from Haiti.                                                                                             
 Back downtown and a cake that looks like a wedding cake.
 Painted on the side of a building.
 Notice the Hastings in the iron work along the roof.
 Some more old signs.
 Mom taking some sun out on the pier.
 Looking towards the ferry slip, love those clouds in the sky.
I like interesting and unique signs.                                                                                                           
 I wonder if they sell fish?
I wonder how that name was chosen to become their business.                                                               
 This was created with paper napkins.
 Air mail anyone?
 Heading out of town I saw a sign with Quilt Shop on it, we doubled back and found Creative Union
 It is a small shop, but full of ideas.
 Narrow aisles filled with fabrics.
 Notions and samples peeking out of corners.
Down the road we found this interesting Chicacum Country Store and Cafe.  I like the old truck.
A bit farther down the road was this interesting sign.                                                                          
 Next stop Port Gamble.
 The Quilted Strait Quilt Shop is in a large old barn.
 They have a separate entrance for the class room.
 Inside they have things hanging up to the rafters.
 Large and easy to get around.
 Sunning quilt done in batiks.
Love the rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas.                                                                                       
 Looking from another corner of the shop.
 One of their signs for the shop.
 They have a lovely wool corner.
 Some more of the wool.
 Farther down in Poulsbo we went to Heirloom Quilts and Fabrics.
 They are just off the large public parking lot by the harbour.
 This is a lovely large shop, it is currently up for sale.  They have some people interested, I hope it continues on as a quilt shop. 
 There is a second half as big as this part.  The class room is about half of the second side.
You must be in Seattle when your see this fabric lots of coffee cups and iconic Northwest images.
 Owls are seen all over the shop.
 Cute aprons for children.
 Mount Rainier depicted as a quilt.
At April Fool and Penny Too my mom bought this pin cushion for me, I'm sure the dress has been replaced, but the lady is in very good condition.
 They have her tied into the dress with a bow.
 In Port Townsend there is a shop called Four Sisters , their motto is reuse, refresh, repurpose; I found these two basket quilt tops there.  They have an interesting mix of fabrics,  They apparently are from the San Diego.
 There are flocked fabrics, some nylon or polyester, muslin, cotton.  Some of the backgrounds have been pieced using similar coloured fabrics.
 They are a lot of fun and I think I'll try and machine quilt them.  I'm probably going to offer one to a friend of mine who is starting to collect old quilts.
At April Fool and Penny Too I found this Goose Tracks quilt from ?1930's Tennessee.  This quilt is well used and is rectangular in it's setting.
 There is hand quilted cross hatching in the alternate blocks and it has a very thin cotton batt in it.  It has a few holes, and some of the cross hatching has disappeared from some of the blocks.
Each diagonal row has the same fabric in it.                                                                                             
 I love how the quilted made a reverse block to finish off this row.
What a wonderful time I had in Port Townsend, it's been a few years since I was last there, but I hope to return again soon.


Maree said...

Loved traveling along with you, Sandi! Thanks for sharing your trip! Oh, I surely do LOVE those quilts! ☺

The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you did some great travelling Sandi. Liked seeing all those B & Bs, lovely buildings. Those quilts are beautiful and the quilt shops have lots of eye candy! Regards, Nessie