Friday, 1 August 2014

The birds arrived north of the border today.

Meet the flock, remember the Murder of Crows I sent off?  Well look who flew home to roost.
 This first one was made by Mary Lou Weidman our creative inspiration.  She already has her flock sewn together here.  I'm sure she will probably add some fun borders to finish it off.  Love the blue word fabrics at the top of her piece.
 Camille Vlasak made this one with the colourful tail.
Edie Faile made this colourful bird, lovely all those wavy lines.
Beth Stanton made this one with the colour tail feathers and skinny legs.

 Deb Green created this red one and sent a button along for it's eye.
 Rebecka Schaffer made this one.  She has posted a picture of how she put our watering can and flower swaps together here.  I think her plan is to add the birds and stars to the top.  More words on fabric, a hook for me right now.
 Carol Haueter made this one, love the eyes, the head feathers, the feet.
Katie Fields had fun with polka dots.  It is hard to see but the white fabric has blue tie dye effect on it.
 Claire McFarlane made this guy his beak and wing are 3-D. Love those fussy cute red and green legs.
 Mary Graves made this one that looks like it is flapping it's wings like mad.
Maybe because it thinks this guy by Linn Jencopale is going to nip it's bottom.
 Leanne Clare made this teal beauty with the lovely striped tail.
And watching over them all is one of the crows that I made.  Hey Linn used a darker colourway of my background in her bluebird's body!
Welcome to the flock and thanks to everyone who participated this was a great exchange.


Maree in NC ☺ said...

Love the birds, Sandi! They're going to make a cute quilt and I love your descriptions. Thanks for sharing! Sorry I wasn't able to be in this swap. Take care!

paulette said...

These are AHHHHdorable!! They are going to make the sweetest quilt EVER!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Squeeee! How fun are these birds?! They'll make a wonderful quilt.