Thursday, 28 August 2014

Meet "The Stuffers"

I belong to the Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild and for many years a group of ladies would gather together on the last Tuesday of the month to fold our newsletter, label envelopes and stuff the newsletter into the envelopes in preparation for mailing.  At one time we had over 400 members between our night and evening chapters.  After many years they passed the responsibility onto another group of ladies but continued to meet every month from August through May for a pot luck lunch, show and share and support to many life changes within the group.  Whenever I was on vacation I would come and join these ladies whose place in our guild has been very significant.

Now we no longer have a paper newsletter sent out but an electronic one via e-mail.  This past Tuesday we got together for the first get together for lunch and some show and share.  This first lovely quilt is by Cher, she is going to donate it to the Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley next month.  Check out our guild page to see some of the events we are involved in.
 Here is the back of Cher's quilt, I love how she worked with a second guitar print to make a back large enough.  She does all her own machine quilting.
This next quilt is by my friend Rita, she found the bear panel and decided to add some bear paws to the bottom along with some borders to make this for her daughter and son-in-law's new home.
 Rita is also going to teach this log cabin Christmas wreath to a group this year.
 Sorry I don't recall who made this snowball and nine patch quilt.
 Donnamae was gifted by this kit by two friends who went on a cruise to Alaska with her.
 This is one of two embroidered snowman quilts that Loraine stitched, the other one is larger and I didn't get a picture of it.
 Part of a larger quilt that was made into smaller units.
 A Jinny Beyer's inspired top with circular quilting by Nancy I think.
 A flannel rag quilt that was made in our hottest, driest July ever by Anna Marie.
More to come but not until after the guild meeting as it is a secret along with a gift to be delivered in October to a very lucky little boy.

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