Saturday, 29 September 2007

Friday I took an applique workshop with Becky Goldsmith. What a great teacher she is, she had a video camera set up so we could watch her on a screen behind her. That way we could sit and take notes and not have to hover behind her!

The class was called Little Bitty Eensy Teensy and let me tell you it was. The finished blocks will be 5" and the first piece we worked on was a small branch about 1.5" long with 5 branches! There are four of these on the block. We also worked on an 8 sided star. She showed us how to applique circles and inner curves [reverse applique].

I don't usually do needle turned applique and found the lesson very helpful. If she comes your way, make sure you attend a lecture or take a class. She makes it look like "A Piece of Cake."

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Sandy said...

Wonderful travelogue and photos, Sandi! I especially like "Balancing Act" and "Dolphins". But then, I always enjoy your travelogues. :)