Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday morning I went for a walk to see what Spring flowers and trees were in bloom. The pink rhododendrons were a nice Easter surprise. They look so pretty against the blue sky. These pink star flowers were almost like a carpet in one corner of a planter.

My favourite Witch Hazel is starting to show some buds, the spider-like leaves have almost all disappeared.
I spotted these little narcissus flowers that almost look like dandelions, I've never noticed them before.

This weeping Cherry tree is in the courtyard of my condo, the blossoms are just starting to open. We have several of these and they look amazing when they are all open.

This Amaryllis was a Christmas gift from my friend Ethel two years ago, in February I decided to give it some water and see what would happen. What a beautiful plant it is in full bloom.
I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend, may you share it with the ones you love and share happy memories.

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