Monday, 19 May 2008

We drove out of Las Vegas heading west along I-15 and into California. We stopped in Baker and had a fresh strawberry milkshake at the Mad Greek. Just across the street you can see the world's largest thermometer.
You can see the dry Silver Lake with the mountains in the background.
Joshua Trees dot the landscape in this area, they are found in the Mojave desert in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada at 2,000'-6,000'.
This tree was some blooms on it. They often become very top heavy and fall over.
Here is a corner of Lake Shasta.
I found a road that took us under the bridge along I-5 in the Lake Shasta area.
Mount Shasta is an amazing site, this is a view from Weeds, California.

A favourite stop along the I-5 in Springfield, Oregon at the antique shop called "At Ruthie B's". They serve a lovely tomato basil soup, you can have lunch in one of the display rooms.
This was a pretty pink dogwood that we found in full bloom along the way. Our next stop was home.

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