Saturday, 17 January 2009

It has been very foggy for the past few days, we are having a temperature inversion...that means it it colder low down in the city trapping the fog and warmer at higher elevations with sunny skies. A friend of mine took these pictures from a tower in Metrotown in Burnaby and shared them with me. This view is looking north towards the north shore mountains.
Looking even more west of the city.
Looking north, but more to the east.
Even a bit more east.
Perhaps a bit more east and south this time.
I'm guessing this is looking south towards the Fraser River.
Looking south and towards the west again.
Down by the Fraser River where I live it has been very dark and grey all day with the fog horns from various boats sounding off periodically during the day.


Karen in Tucson said...

What a fantastic panorama of the city! Great photos - thank you for sharing.

The little book of Nessie said...

Interesting photos. I hope the fog lifts for you and you get to see more of that blue sky. Nature is amazing. Regards, Nessie