Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Olympic Spirit is coming closer with each day...Sunday my mom and I went down to Stanley Park to watch the sunset and check out the Olympic Rings. The Olympic Rings are out on a barge in the harbour with the Trade and Convention Centre and the downtown area behind them. As you can see the day was a dull and cloudy afternoon and the rings were not yet lit.
A short while later we returned to watch them for awhile. The sails of the convention centre change intensity of colours.
Today, February 9th the torch came down to New Westminster Quay where I live to take a ride on the Native Paddlewheeler. Here the boat waits for the torch bearers arrival.
Just to the left centre of this picture you can see the torch burning brightly along the route.
Down the gangplank towards the boat.
The boat sailing away from the dock.
On the bow of the boat you can see that they are getting ready to pass the flame from one torch to the next.
The second torch is lit! Each bearer runs 300 yards for their turn.
Here we are on Rita's patio holding the Canadian flags; [guess who the tall one is?] These are members of my Quayside Quilting group; two are missing, Iris who was taking the picture and Brenda who couldn't make our get together today. A special part of today was it is my birthday and these lovely ladies help me celebrate it. My friend Tricia's birthday is tomorrow and Rita's was on the 31st! The other ladies in this picture are Darlene, Loraine and Mary.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Enjoyed seeing all your wonderful photos once again Sandi. Happy Birthday. I can see you have enjoyed your day! Regards, Nessie (from Victoria, Australia where it is hot and humid!)