Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, last weekend I took some pictures of a couple of different flowers.  I'm not sure what this one but it reminds me of an artichoke.
 The colour the leaves of this peony are turning are very pretty.
 The coleus looks like it was gilded with gold.
 This birch tree has a luscious lemon colour to the leaves.
 A straw flower in oranges and yellow.
 The ladybug came for a visit to this zinnia, this week they have all been removed from the gardens.
 I like watching how the leaves of the witch hazel change colour over a couple of weeks.
 Red coloured oak leaf hydrangea.
 A snail found it's way up onto this witch hazel leaf.
 The beauty berries and leaves are so pretty.
 Today is much like the photo in this picture, blue skies with the sun shining.
 This is one of my favourite seasonal quilts.
 This another of my favourite autumn quilts, I ran out of the black pumpkin fabric and substituted the orange polka dot might not have noticed if I didn't mention it.
May you all enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Loved seeing all your autumn colours. It is a lovely season. Regards, Nessie