Saturday, 19 November 2011

Rain, Snow, Sunshine on the West Coast

Last weekend was a rainy one but left some interesting patterns on the leaves.
 The previous day I wanted to take a photo of the beauty bush in Rita's garden, but my camera battery was dead.  Love the contrast of the purple and yellow.
 Yesterday I brought my camera to work and took a picture of this Arbutus tree located just outside of the admitting department.
 I took this picture just before the sun rose looking out the window of my office.  Wet snow was coming down.
 At days' end the snow was melting, but an icy rain had also come down and covered some of the bushes and cars.
 Today was sunny and cold, the maple tree tucked by the entrance of this condo has some beautiful yellow, oranges and reds.
 The beauty berry in the sunshine.
 A closer view, love the contrast of the yellow leaves behind.
 Sun dappling through the leaves.
 A view east along the Fraser River looking at the sky train crossing the bridge, behind is the Pattulo bridge and Golden Eagles mountains beyond.
 A couple of green leaves still hanging on.
 A large log boom floating up the river to be delivered to a mill.
 A Japanese Maple tree in all it's colourful glory.
The red of the witch hazel tree with a few green leaves still enjoying the sun.
 Buds starting to form on the witch hazel tree.
 Some more interesting buds.
 Life on the west coast, Palm Trees and skeleton trees side by side!
 Roses still blooming in November.
 The crow checking me out while I take it's picture and wondering if I'll forget my food package.
 The view into my condo, almost no leaves on the cherry trees, but a few still on the maple trees.
 My ornaments ready to be shipped off for the ornament exchange with Mary Lou Weidman's online group.  Can't wait to see which ones I get back.


Laura said...

Your ornaments look great!

Carrie P. said...

YOur photos are so beautiful and I see snow.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck in the giveaway.