Saturday, 18 August 2012

Angels, gardens, boardwalk sale!

A few weeks ago I went out with a friend and we went to her neighbour's garden, she has a delightful collection of angels and here are a few for you to enjoy.
Don't you love the flying pig over the garden angel?
 This Garden Queen plaque is great.
 Inside her home she has even more angels, I love how this one is put together.
 An interesting second life for an old level.
 I love this designer, I want to get some of her angels.
 Angels come in all sizes and shapes.
 Rita found these great napkins, hmmm that coffee smells great.
 A Royal City Rose in bud.
 Another in full bloom.
 Beautiful colour all around.
Welcome to the shop!                                                                                                                            
Chocolate Cosmos in Rita's Garden.                                                                                                        
 Just flying around.
 Gathering pollen.
 Beautiful bloom.
 Just coming out.
 A bit fuller.
 A little less.
 Morning glory.
 The beginning of the Boardwalk Garage Sale this morning.  One of the bands starting to warm up, a beautiful day for a sale.
 Old stubby pop bottles with cartons for sale.
Enjoy the shade and the coolish temperature in the morning, it will be hot later.                               
 Need a book?
 How about a Christmas tree?
 West coast drum art.
 Unique cribbage board with west coast First Nation designs.
 Hot dog anyone?
 The sun is getting warmer.
 Lady in green.
 First dunk of the day!
 About to drop in for a second dunk!
Found a couple of gems to take home and enjoying the music from the boardwalk.


bjmccomber said...

So glad I follow your blog, you make me smile.

marylouweidman said...

Sandi I needed some inspiration today and you gave it to me...your blog is wonderful and so are You!

The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like it was a great day out for everyone there. Lovely photos Sandi. Regards, Nessie