Saturday, 10 May 2014

Show and Tell, a peek at Langley Quilters' Guild Show

Two of my mini quilting group took a class in the style of Gees Bend quilts, this first one is by my friend Mary.
 She doesn't have an inch left of her background black and white fabric.
 This second one is by Betty, both she and Mary went to a local thrift shop to buy fabrics for their quilts, her background was some yardage she managed to find and it is almost king size!
 Now to decide how big to make it and have it quilted.
 I found my Primitive Gatherings 2012 My Favourite Things blocks and finished them off.  Now to trim them then sash and border...hmm..where did I stash that fabric?
 Friday we drove to Langley, about 40 minutes away to check out their guild show.  FAN Fibre Art Network   had a show in one corner.  Rain People 3 is by Terry Aske, I love the grey, black and white in contrast to the bright umbrellas.  She machine quilted it in grey, black and white thread to represent rain in Vancouver.
 Pitt River Marsh is by my friend Judy Leslie.
 She also created Beach Scavengers.  There were several other lovely quilts that you can view on their website.
 Woven Medley is by Karen Johnson.
 Here is a detail of some of her hand stitching.

 Another Karen Johnson, sorry I can't read the label but she did some lovely sashiko styled quilting on this piece.
 Another one by Karen inspired by an article in Quilting Arts.
 Red Crow, one of my favourites of her works.  I first walked through the show and then went back to take photos, I was amazed by how many pieces she did drew me in.

 Machine quilted original design with variegated threads called Leaves by Sunny Geroux.
 A lovely quilted pillow case, missed the name of the maker.
 Bear Paw Swirl by Freda Reisdorf.
 Summer Belly Dancer Days by...Karen Johnson.
 Detail of her hand and machine stitching.
 Starry Nights by Yvonne Jensen.

 The Happy Lion by Freda Reisdorf with help from friends.

More to come later today.  Enjoy, if you live in the Vancouver area the show is at George Preston Recreation Centre until Saturday Afternoon.

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