Monday, 29 September 2014

Pioneer Quilts has The Historic Broetje House!

Thursday morning I headed off to Portland for a quick little road trip.  First stop was at the Fabric Depot and for the first time I didn't buy a thing!

The next morning I went off in search of Pioneer Quilts new location at 3101 SE Courtney Avenue which is about 15 minutes from their old location.

Here is a view of the property from the parking lot, see the Open sign in the windows on the left?  The Broetje House was build in 1889 and was at one time a venue for weddings and parties.  Recently the property has been in disrepair but Linda Hadley the owner has done wonders to open the shop in a short span of time.  In July I was at the old store and she hinted about a new property but didn't want to jinx anything.
 Walking up to the entrance to the building you are amazed by the size of the Sequoia tree on the other side of the building.
 The garden needs a bit of TLC but has some wonderful plantings.  In the windows beyond you can see a sampling of 40-50% sale fabrics.
 The entry to the shop shows a lot of temptation for the quilter.
 Just outside the doors is this cute Hallowe'en display.
 As you enter and look to the left some more inspiration.
 Looking across the shelves with bolts is the cash area with several staff and customers.
Hanging on the right side of the entry is a great wool and cotton piece along with a wonderful applique piece below and the pattern for My Sewing Room.
 Books, patterns and notions are in this bright corner of the shop.
 Love that window above the fabrics, Linda is planning on adding some additional lighting.
 Looking back toward the entry, look at that lovely wool applique piece at the end of the shelving.
 Here is the wool corner, Linda has set up some lovely displays to enjoy.
 Look at all those lovely wool fabrics, a rainbow to choose from.
 Cute bunny box display holds banner frames.
 A piece of Christmas stitchery to inspire you.
On this trip I'm going to try and not go overboard with fabric/quilting purchases.  The pumpkin thread is all I bought...two shops 1 purchase.  Off to a good start!

Back outside the store another giant Sequoia tree.
 A lovely flowering tree.
 Great lamp posts in the parking lot.
I can't wait for my next visit to see what Linda has changed.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Thank you for the tour of this gorgeous shop. I love the way it looks so homey and inviting. You did well only buying some thread. I'm sure you saw lots of inspiring fabrics though.

paulette said...

WOW! Seems so bright and spacious...I can't wait to visit!! Thanks, Sandi!!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

What a great tour of that shop! You showed so much restraint to only buy perle cotton. The sample of the My Sewing Room pattern is gorgeous and I have been thinking of buying that pattern for a few months. You really are tempting me!

Anna said...

Did you just hear me squealing!!!! LOL