Saturday, 1 April 2017

April First, This Is Not a Joke!

Welcome April, our trees are just about to burst forth into full bloom and the daffodils are out!
 Some of my March completed goals include all four House Revival blocks getting some detail embellishment stitching done.  Got my next two steps along with what stitches to put where so I can carry on with this project.
 Made my bonus project of a 1 hour basket.
 This week I decided to finally make some choices for my Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM 2017. Live Each Season can be found by clicking here. The third block is still available as a free download the other two can be purchased as kits. First off the bunny pulling the cart has all the wool pieces whipped stitched down and now to add some embellishing stitches and details such as eyes, legs, carrot tops.  Not sure if I'll add the butterfly yet.
Here is Stacy's version of the Bunny Block.

 Block two has several of the same wool along with a few others to tie the blocks together.
Block two by Stacy.

 Block three is where I started.  I love the turquoise stripe wool I used for the cart, upside down plant pot and planter in this block.  The greens are all the same two fabrics along with the paler turquoise for the eggs.  The darker yellow showed up in the daffodils and the chick's wings.  I still need to stitch the pussy willow branch so I can add the pussy willows.  Hmm, I just noticed that she didn't reverse the pattern for this design, oh well.
Block three of Stacy's design.

 Here is an Instagram collage of the above blocks.  I think I'm going to put them together as a mini quilt rather than a row for all four seasons.
 I got all my stems, flowers and centres added to my Down the Rabbit Hole.  51 leaves is this months goal along with the first border.
 I made three blocks for my friend Brenda who is moving away for a friendship quilt. I also got one of my backgrounds sewn for Sunflower Gathering and have labelled all the pieces so I can get the Mika background sewn.  Tried figuring it out without labels and failed.  No sewing so that was okay.
 Here is an example of micro climate.  Notice the trees across the road have no buds on them but this one is in full Magnolia blossom bloom along with one to the left out of the picture.  Why?  To my right is a brick building and to the left are low buildings and the street heads down the hill to the south.  So the sun warms the bricks up and these two trees get a jump on all the rest of them along the block!
 Thursday we had a break in the rain. I went out and saw that the peonies are coming up along with some mini iris.
 Love the pale lavender strip on this crocus.
 Some newly opened mini daffodils.
 This one reminds me of the Flying Nun.
 Just starting to pop open beside the winter pansies.
 Such a delicate blue bulb.
 One of Rita's tulips.
 More Daffodils.
 The sun came out after our coffee and here are those same tulips.
 Pretty blues.
 Big daffodils enjoying the sun.
 Most of the larger shade trees have yet to bud their leaves.  Folks of all ages out for a walk along the quay.
 These rhododendrons bloom twice a year.
 That striped crocus in the sunshine.
 Grape hyacinths enjoying the Spring sunshine.
Here is hoping that the March showers don't fall as heavily in April!


Jacqueline said...

Beautiful flowers.

WoolenSails said...

Your area looks so beautiful with all the blooms, sure hope our winter is over and things bloom here.
Love all your projects, the Buttermilk blocks looks beautiful together. I have been saving the blocks, but no time to do them now.


Karen in Breezy Point said...

I think your spring wall hanging is going to be very cute--good idea! Love the little peeks of spring flowers too!

Anna Bates said...

You have made spectacular progress on all fronts...only to be out done my MotherNature!! I LOVE your Down the Rabbit Hole💗

Susan - yes, you're right. I'm a no-reply blogger. said...

I LOVE Down the Rabbit Hole! Your spring photos are amazing. Who would believe that in Canada! Thank you so much for sharing all that spring beauty. Of course, I like your other work, too. =)

The little book of Nessie said...

I like the colours you chose for the Buttermilk BOM. Lovely spring flowers. Regards, Nessie