Thursday, 11 October 2018

Autumn Colour on the New Westminster Quay.

I can hardly believe that October is almost half over!  I'm going to share some of the October colour here on the quay from the first four days of this month.

 I love this little tree, I don't know what it is called but my friend tells me she thinks the blue berries are poisonous. So pictures only not touching.

 Before they open this is what they look like but even before there is a small white star flower.  I'm not sure if I have a picture but will insert one if I find it.
 Here are two earlier pictures I took in September.

 Rita's Beauty Berry is looking lovely.
 I love the veins and the berries are the same colour.

 Love the purple and pinks that are also seen in the flowers in Autumn.
 If you look closely you can see the silk of the spider's web that is holding this leaf midair.

 The cooler wet Autumn weather has brought out the fungi.  Most of these were taken on one day.

 The jelly fish tentacles have grown over the summer.

 Another walk and more fungi.

 Love the shape of this one.

 Lobby view, the trees haven't started to change as of October 4th.
 Again another walk more fungi.

 The star tree.
 Being serenaded by a little sparrow who was in Tre Galli Gelato with me.
 Enjoying my large Americano and waiting for my pizza.
 Not the coffee is almost half finished, they burnt the first one so they redid it without my having to ask!  Love this place.
 More fungi...sorry they are additive to photograph.  I don't touch or pick as I think the rust ones with spots are poisonous.
 Love these flat top ones.
 Starting to go orange/rust.
 and darker as they mature.
 Deep underneath one of the Rhododendrons.
 Love the blue colour of these berries.
 They fuchsias are still out, they will be dug up and returned next Spring/Summer.

 Beautiful blue skies and some days are cooler and others are quite warm.

 I think this is one of my favourite photos I've taken lately.
 Arbutus with peeling bark.
 A farther away picture.
 The bees are still busy.
 Along with a fly.
 The large Koi manage to avoid being eaten by the Blue Herons and Bald Eagles.

Now that she has it I will share the mug rug I made for Anna of The Woolie Mammoth blog.  We met in Portland at the end of September and went to the NorthWest Quilt Expo.  Pictures coming from that visit.

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WoolenSails said...

Your area is so beautiful and so diverse with the flowers and fun mushrooms.
I love getting out when it is cooler, hopefully the rain ends early and we can get out for some rides this weekend.