Friday, 29 March 2019

Cherry Blossoms are finally arriving!

In February we had record cold temperatures for the Vancouver area, not as bad as the rest of Canada and the North American continent but bad for us.  March is heading towards one of the driest yet!
 The weeping ornamental Cherry Tree is finally in bloom.  A few days ago I saw our resident mallard duck couple sunning themselves under the at that time no blossom tree.
 A view back in the courtyard towards the lobby.
 And towards the river view.  The three threes on the right had to be replaced several years ago and haven't caught up to the ones on the left.
 I love finding these rogue blossoms on the middle of the trunk.
 So pretty closed...
 Even prettier opened.
 The English pincushion daisies have had a rough go in February but have bounced back.

 Lots of river traffic again today, a barge with wood chips went down the river just before this one with ?gravel on it.
 Not sure if the tide was rising or falling but this guy was enjoying the perch.
 The grape hyacinths have exploded with flowers.
 A bit closer look at their tiny bells.
 The daffodils are finally giving a lovely show with the English pincushion daisies below.
 I finally started stitching on my first fish.  I've since added an outline stitch around the green head along with some French knots on the gill fin and upper dorsal one.


WoolenSails said...

Everything looks so pretty, it is nice to see things starting to bloom. I even have daffodils coming up, ones I replanted in an area that can't grow anything. I found a batch in the bush after we moved in and moved it, then took the bulbs and replanted them, very hearty plant. Love the colors in your fish, great wool choices and stitching.


The little book of Nessie said...

Love your Spring blossoms pictures and the fish looks great! We are still waiting for our Autumn to start after our Indian Summer. Regards,

Susan said...

LOVE that fish! I've fallen far behind, but I'm going to catch up a bit and find out more about your fish now. The cherry trees and grape hyacinths are blooming here, too, but our daffodils are long gone. What wonderful photos of your spring.

Anna said...

Whenever i need a little break it is nice to see such beautiful capture the world around you so well :)