Saturday, 7 August 2010

More Wool Crazy updates and a weather update; after 51 days without rain it rained today! July 2010 was the third driest month since we've been keeping records in Vancouver. I thought this was a bleeding heart fuchsia, but my friend Rita tells me that it is a Japanese flowering maple!
I often see some bugs amongst the flowers as I walk along the quay. This one is a bit hard to see on the dusty miller.
I've seen a lot of these "yellow" ladybugs this year, but be careful they bite!
On Thursday I went to my friend Elke's for a sit and stitch and found this wonderful flower. The leaves look like a hibiscus, I don't know what is called, but I like the pink and red mix of petals.

I didn't dare walk amongst the flowers, but they look very pretty, here is hoping they self-seed for next year.
Here is our second round of the Wool Crazy pin cushions. Ethel and I swapped our first go around. I added some corn and another rabbit to her piece. I added some green onions to the "dirt."
Ethel took my piece and designed this lovely daffodil, tulip, butterfly and embroidered flowers to it.
Debbie's piece came to me when I handed Ethel's off to her. One of the flaws of our round robin was we couldn't get everyone together initially so we handed pieces off as they were finished. I added a creepy skeleton tree along with a black cat sitting on a crescent moon pumpkin.
When all four of us got together I ended up getting Sandi's Fall themed piece. Her birthday is early October and it often falls on Canadian Thanksgiving, hence the turkey. She loves thistles and this was my interpretation of one along with an echinacea flower.
I should have some more pictures soon as several of us have already done round three and working on round four before they come to stay.

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Brenda said...

The red flower is called Bee balm, it does well in part sun and it's drought tolerant. It attracts bees and grows to six feet tall...also spreads wonderfully. I have tons in my garden. =)