Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wool Crazy new project, a thank you and floral inspirations.

Somehow these images flipped and one of the duplicated, after laying down my wools and basting I've started doing some crazy stitching.
I'm hoping to update this every few days to help see the process of making this project.  First I laid down various wools on a piece of osnaburg and then basted them down. 
This is a thank you from a patient and her husband.  I was very surprised by this lovely gesture.
The succulents are in bloom, don't you like the lovely colours of this one?
When I first stopped to look at this bloom I thought the blue petals were from another flower that had blown into the spiky petals. 
The yellow edge to these red flowers are very eye catching.
Red and green are complimentary on the colour wheel, and they are shown well on opposite sides of this plant's leaves.
The sprinklers shut off just before I came for my walk, and some of the water droplets made the flowers sparkle.
Even though this leaf is starting to dry, the texture of it along with the water droplets is very pleasing.
This plant makes me want to have a mocha and coffee with a bit of whipped cream.
This is one of my favourite succulents, it comes in a darker red/maroon colour.

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