Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tanglebank Garden Quilt Show 2010

Tanglebank Gardens hosted the second Quilt Show featuring four local Canadian Designs.  Dougal Ann Walker of the Freckles Collection designed this quilt called Angels Amongst Us.  She also has an applique version of this quilt.
Cheryl Wall of Country Quilts designed the Pumpkin and Crow table runner and the Pumpkin and Crow piece sitting on top.
All Year Round by Cheryl Wall.
O Pumpkin Tree by Cheryl Wall.
Autumn Magic by Dougal Walker.
A Home for All Seasons by Cheryl Wall.
Pippa Moore of Kitambaa Designs made this quilt called Serenity.
Sue Jensen of Quilted Escapes designed this quilt called Fan-tastic.
Swimming with the Fishes by Dougal Ann Walker.
Serendipity by Pippa Moore.
My English Garden by Sue Jensen.
Hope by Pippa Moore.
Bird Brain by Dougal Ann Walker.
Joy by Pippa Moore.
Salt Boxes on the Corner by Cheryl Wall.
It would be a shame not to share a few pictures of the lovely flowers for sale at Tanglebank Gardens.
This rose looks like someone was interrupted while it was being painted.
The bees were having a late summer feast.
This little guy looks very intent on his mission.
The purple flower amongst the green is so pretty.
Counting Sheep table mat by Cheryl Wall.
Now I know my ABC's by Cheryl Wall.  Once again for the second year the day was perfect for viewing quilts, taking pictures, meeting friends and shopping.  I look forward to attending this show again next year in this beautiful setting.  Congratulations to all involved with this wonderful show.

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The little book of Nessie said...

I really enjoyed looking at all those lovely quilts. Your photos of the flowers and bees are lovely. Well done. Regards, Nessie