Sunday, 26 September 2010

First weekend of Autumn

While at Tanglebank Quilt Show I found this love rainbow selection of wool fabrics for my wool crazy sewing project. 
 These wool fabrics I found while in Oregon at a couple of different locations.
 Today I went for a walk and found the beauty berry plant.  This is the first time I've found it with the leaves still on and the berries so small.
 I think our colours this year will be amazing due to all the sunshine we had in August.
 This is my favourite oak leaf hydrangea.
 The zinnias are still blooming.
 This salmon colour is so pretty.  I may have to design one in wool.
 The colours of fall are so amazing.
 This magenta grass almost looks neon.
 It rained in the night and the water droplets were hanging onto to some of the plants.

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Karen in Tucson said...

Hi Sandi, As usual your photos are fantastic.