Saturday, 1 January 2011


The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.  On December 30th I went for a walk along the quay to take pictures of the Golden Ears Mountains east of where I live.  You can see the Skytrain bridge in the foreground and the Patullo bridge behind it.  It snowed on the morning of the 29th and the mountains looked spectacular.
The witch hazel is starting to put out it's winter blooms, there are two of these along the quay, one orange and the other yellow.   The yellow one is still dormant.
These leaves have not seen any sun and have a lovely frosted look to them.
Rita's beauty berry bush has some lovely colours on it right now.
New Year's Eve I walked down later in the day and the mountains were starting to take on the colours of the sunset.  It was quite cold but a lovely sunny evening.
Today the view to the west shows the sun shining on the Fraser River.  It was even colder today than yesterday.
The winter flowering forsythia was putting forth some flowers.
This was the sunset from my balcony tonight, the colours were truly amazing.
The bridge seen in the background is the Alex Fraser Bridge.
Just a minute later the colours are deeper.
Five minutes later and again they are even more rich and lush.
So ends 2010 and the 1-1-11.  The west coast of Canada is a great place to live and enjoy.  May all good things come to you and yours this year.  Enjoy the sunsets!


The little book of Nessie said...

Enjoyed seeing all your wonderful pictures Sandi. Happy New Year to you. Regards, Nessie

Mary said...

Once again, Sandi you took beautiful photographs!

Mary said...

Beautiful photographs Sandi!