Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Texture, colour and form for inspiration.

I found this stand of birches the other day and was intrigued by the peeling bark and what was exposed by nature.
 The angles and the movement of the peeling bark is lovely.
 Flesh colour on the underside and white on the outside.
 The natural way it just peels off on it's own.
 Now to Rita's garden, I like the periwinkle blue of these bulbs.
 These star shaped flowers are tiny and delicate.
 Some water drops left over from the rain the night before.
 Anemones in another shade of purple amongst the flower beds on the quay.
 I'm not sure what this bulb is called, but the blue and white is again very delicate.  The gardeners who work for the city have let one area of the gardens naturalize and it is fun discovering what is blooming each season.
 I like these soft mauve and white flowers.
 Rhododendrons in bloom and in bud.
 This bud looks so velvety and lush.
 Tulips showing off their bright colour.
 A bright pansy face greeting the day.
 I call these dandelion narcissus.
 The weeping cherry tree in our courtyard, if you look closer you will see our resident ducks sitting by the edge of the pond.  They come each year and nest in the undergrowth and surprise us with ducklings.
 Here they are taking a bit of a nap and figuring out where they will nest.  Our gardeners have really trimmed back our undergrowth so picking a spot is a bit more challenging this year.
 Today Rita's garden has some raindrops dripping of the bulbs.
 I like the delicate arch of the blooms as they emerge.
 This hyacinth is almost florescent in its colour
 This tete a tete daffodil can't wait to bloom.
 This grape hyacinth is also anxious to put on a show.
A bit of a rainy day today, but beautiful flowers to enjoy.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Enjoyed seeing all your lovely pictures. Those weeping cherry trees are so pretty. Regards, Nessie