Sunday, 24 July 2011

The difference a week can make!

Summer has arrived this weekend just in time for Fraser fest.  Yesterday the bees were busy with all the sunshine and warm weather.
 A gentleman fishing along the Fraser.
 Our newly painted condo.
 Some very busy bees in amongst the Shasta Daisies.
 Today is the working boat parade.  I heard the horn of one of the boats and caught this picture off my balcony and then went down to the river.

They like coming up close and playing with the spectators.

 The small turquoise tug is flying a jolly roger and the paddle wheeler is taking folks out for a scenic trip.
 Another jolly roger, usually just one boat flies the pirate's flag.
 I wonder who is getting the wettest?
 A test of strength from two equal tugs.
 A view of the Pattulo bridge in the distance and the skytrain bridge for rapid transit in the foreground.  I caught a bit of the Samson VI paddle wheeler at the left.
 Still at it, who will give up?
Glad to have the sun shining and warmer weather finally upon us.

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