Sunday, 17 July 2011

Summer in a westcoast rainforest

Yesterday I went for a walk in the rain...the question is what month is it?  July or November?  Yes it was July 16th but the rain was more typical of our November rainfalls.
 The Fraser River has been running very high due to the heavy snow pack we had last winter.
 Tugs have had a challenging time pulling barges up the river...they wiped out the swing span that is 100 years old across this stretch.  It has taken time to clear the barge, it's load and not take the span away for repair.  The trains have been silent for quite a stretch.
 But the succulents are enjoying the wetter cooler weather.
 Their flowers are almost neon in colour and so delicate.
 The fine hairs help hold the droplets.
 I love the colour of this flowering tree.
 This peony is a bit worse for wear, it's outer petals have fallen revealing a feathery centre.
 The marigolds are enjoying the wet days.
 What a lovely contrast of colours.
Here's hoping to some warmer, summer weather soon!

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Susan Torrens said...

Brings back memories of the two years we lived on Vancouver Island! I remember taking walks through some of the old growth forests, and having a rose blooming in my garden on Christmas day.