Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary Angelina's

One of my favourite places to go and eat breakfast is celebrating it's 10th anniversary!
 Angelina's is only open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday on the New Westminster Quay, if you are ever in the neighbourhood please drop by and enjoy their company and a meal.

Angelina on the left and her husband Heinrich are the owners and Joanne is one of their regular helpers.  For the past week they have had some specials on that if you purchased from that menu they donated $3.00 towards the Union Gospel Mission.  They also have an raffle of one of Heinrich's photographs.  The lucky winner will be chosen today...unfortunately I didn't get in earlier to hear about this wonderful fund raiser.  But they also do some other donations throughout the year.
 Just next door is the renovated River Market.  They reopened last year and slowly are getting new tenants to join Donald's Market.  I like the sign on the side of the market.

She slipped softly from the summer stream as seamless as a summer dream.
 This is the upper entrance where the Circus school is located.
 This is the graphic on the wall of the ladies restroom.
 Here is the men's
 Outside walking along the boardwalk a seagull lost a feather.

The beauty berries are turning from yellow to mauve.
 Rita's Rose of Sharon is in full bloom.
 Echinacea showing off.
 The rose named after New Westminster, the Royal City Rose.
 Another bloom of the Royal City Rose.
 Some strawberries still looking lovely
 Straw flowers starting to unfold.
 Morning glory and another colourful climber.
 The Rhododendrons are turning some of their leaves.
 A hint of yellow and red on some of the larger trees.
 Zinnias spilling over their beds.
 Autumn crocuses bending with the sun and wind.
 A bit of red on their split leaf Japanese Maple tree.
 Rubeckia or black eye Susans with the oak leaf hydrangea
 I love the veining on this leaf.
 This coleus looks as if a fairy painted it with gold.
 This chenille plant is going to seed.
 Sunflower heads heavy with seeds.
 Some more sunflowers seed heads.
 An Angel's trumpet flower.
 More zinnias just full of colour.
The colour of Autumn are starting to put on a lovely show.

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