Sunday, 9 October 2011

Long weekend in October

Friday night I came home to a pleasant surprise.  "They" had predicted a wet rainy day and I enjoyed the sun setting on the river instead.
 This morning I went for a walk and despite the rain overnight and lots of clouds, the sun decided to play peek a boo with the clouds. The droplets of rain on this leaf looks so inspiring.

The oak leaf hydrangea is turning colours.
 This looks like it should be hanging off a Christmas tree. 
 A closer view of the interesting visual texture of the petals.
 Looking west along the Fraser River and starting to see the leaves turn.
 Fuchsia as a autumn colour.
 I like the blossoms of this flowering tree.
 Pink and orange zinnias for some interesting colour.
 Variegated geranium leaves contrasting against the feathery silver dusty miller.
 More droplets of rain,
 Droplets of rain with some great visual curves.
 Love the small leaf all twisted waiting to unfurl like it's big brother.  The asymmetry in the leaf is inspirational.
 Recurring pattern and design.
 Droplets looking like crystal accents on the leaf.
 Orange and yellow, the colours of Autumn.
 Some last blooms of the hydrangea plants.
 A blue flower amongst the pinks!
 More yellow and orange.
 I've never noticed the berries on this plant before, check out the eggplant coloured ones in the background.
 Droplets and leaves caught in the papyrus.
 A double Rose of Sharon still blooming brightly.
 My first Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week finished...due to a postal strike I got a late start.
 Block number two is also done and I'm started on block three.
Have a safe and happy long weekend everyone.


Marj said...

The raindrops on your flowers are beautiful. Great that you have started the BOW and have two done. I only have block one almost done and am now taking a break to practice quilting on the long arm.

The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely pictures Sandi. Your blocks look good and I look forward to seeing the others you will complete. Regards, Nessie