Sunday, 5 February 2012

Canadian Ground hogs predict an early Spring!

February 2nd was Ground hog day and our Canadian Ground hogs, Wiarton Willie in Ontario and Nova Scotia's Scubenacadie Sam predict an early Spring.  As you can see here in New Westminster along the Fraser River Spring is showing it's colourful designs.
 The yellow Witch Hazel is looking bright and cheery.
 The orange Witch Hazel always looks like orange Spider Crabs to me.
 A few Snowdrops are out in full bloom
 Winter Cabbage is looking very full alongside some Kale.
 Rhododendrons are starting to bloom and it is only February 5th!
 These blossoms are on the sunny side of the plant, but get a lot of wind from along the river.
 The pink Winter Flowering Forsythia is putting forth a lot of lovely blossoms.
 I like the background of this shot.
 The blossoms are so tiny and delicate and come out well before any leaves.
 They look like little trumpets waiting to be blown by the fairies.
 You can see the buds forming for the leaves on the far branch.
 Yesterday I went up to West 10th to the Cloth Shop for my Saturday Sisters Block of the month.  This garden shop has such a whimsical sign.
 The Black Goat shop sells cashmere, I love their logo.
May Spring come to your corner of the world soon, in the meantime I hope you enjoy mine!

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