Monday, 20 February 2012

Valentine Flowers

On Valentine's Day I took a walk over to my friend Rita's to have coffee.  What a delight to see some early signs of Spring pushing their way into view.  It was interesting to see more yellow crocuses than blue or white out in bloom this early in the season.
 Snowdrops were making an appearance also.
 This plain yellow crocus was doing battle with some mulch.
 In Rita's Garden there were a few snowdrops in full bloom.
 This ones petals looked a bit worse for wear, but an interesting shape.
 Her Hellebore were coming out to put on a fine show.
 I love how this one looks like an umbrella with the pretty stamens below.
 What an interesting wave design on this cyclamen.
 Rita cheated with a forced daffodil, but had one that was almost ready to break into bloom elsewhere in her garden.
 More Hellebore blossoms and buds.
 A wild looking pincushion daisy along the walk home.
 This fiery red one caught my eye.
 The Rhododendrons are coming into full bloom.
 Some snowdrops in a neighbour's garden beside my entry door.
14 pictures of flowers for Valentine's Day!

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The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely flowers Sandi. Here where I am in Australia we are getting a late burst of hot weather. I cannot wait for Autumn to start! Regards, Nessie