Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rita's Garden

These miniature irises are growing in my friend Rita's garden.  Their colour is just so rich.
 Rita has a lovely collection of Hellebore plants.
 Some have very delicate leaves and colours.
 Others are darker and richer coloured.
 The contrast against the green leaves is lovely.
 Here tree peony is putting forth new growth.
 If you look closely you can see the first robin of Spring flying away, it didn't want it's picture taken.
 The witch hazel is showing signs of Spring growth.
 These almost look waxy in their appearance.
  A crocus blown over by the wind off the Fraser River.
 Pink and purple with a dash of green, traditional Spring colours coming out to visit.
Spring forward tonight with the time change!

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Susan Torrens said...

Lovely signs of spring. We are enjoying the spring blooms in Florida, along with lots of pollen! I'm looking forward to seeing my bulbs bloom when we return to Canada.