Saturday, 21 July 2012

July happenings

July 8th was the annual Show and Shine of cars along Columbia street.  I love these old "ice cream car colours.  They were dazzling in the sunshine.
 What a lovely old boom box radio.
 Check out the A&W tray on the window.
 Great props.
 These are one of my favourite car colours.
 Check out the minature in the back window.
 Love the dice hanging off the mirror.
 Back to the gardens.
 Beautiful colours.
 Pollen gathering.
 Crazy bird ornaments in my friend Elke's garden.
 An attentive gardener.
 Another crazy bird.
Beautiful blooms in a cool retreat of shade.                                                                                          
 Great colour of pink.
Some wall art.                                                                                                                                          
 My cousin's first grandchild Griffin waiting for the Dim Sum to arrive, chewing on the puppy my mom gave him.
 Great Grand Auntie Ann and Griffin at the end of a great meal.

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