Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy 145th Birthday Canada!

I decided to take an after dinner stroll along the river to see what it is doing right now.  Today is Canada's 145th Brithday and many condos have flags flying in honour of the day.
 My friend Rita and her neighbour have theirs flying.
 I think the river is a bit higher than it was last Sunday morning.
 Looking across south you can see how high it was last week.
 These signs have suddenly appeared.  Several years ago we had large sandbags loaded on the brick walkway.  None to be seen this year.
 This is a view of the barrier, I think the river is higher today.
 Chinatown in Vancouver has been a presence ince 1885!
 A lovely cactus blossom in Rita's Garden.
 Foxglove looking ever so pretty.
 One of my neighbours across the courtyard from me has a flag on display. Mine is tucked away, maybe next year.
 The view tonight across the river, not looking as muddy with the blue skies shining upon us.
Happy Canada Day everyone!


Sandy said...

Happy Canada Day, Sandi! :)

The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you enjoyed Canada Day Sandi. Lovely photos. Regards, Nessie