Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer is here and the river is arising!

Today was my first chance to get outside and take some pictures since the official arrival of Summer.
 We've had a very wet cold Spring but the gardens are looking very lush. It rained yesterday and overnight, but the sun is out right now.  The foxglove looks so pretty with the raindrops on it.
 In Rita's garden a few of her poppies are still blooming.  Last week her had a gorgeous display of peach ones, but it was a downpour on the weekend and I missed taking pictures.
 This guy is one of the few remaining peach ones, love the curve of the stem and petals.
 Looking up the Fraser River where there is flooding happening.  We had a couple of warmer sunny days and Rita tells me there is water in her garage.  I better check mine out.
 The tide is heading out, but the river is high.
 Beautiful colour and design of nature.
 I think that is the highest I've ever seen the river since moving here in 1988.
 The trees are looking lush and green.
 The bush roses are in full bloom, check out the ant on the petal.
 These buds seemed to glow, sun found them and everything else was in shade.
 The peonies outside my place are putting on a great show.
 Love the feathery centre of this one.
 Pale pink just sparkling in the sun.
 An almost perfect blossom.
 The train bridge over the river and looking west.
 One of my neighbours has some lovely roses outside her condo, this will look lovely when the sun creeps around the corner.  Those leaves couldn't look healthier.
Cross your fingers that the river doesn't come too high.

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Lovely flowers Sandi. Regards, Nessie