Sunday, 10 June 2012

On the road again pictures from day 2 and 3 of Mary Lou Weidman's retreat.

I started making some fabric choices.  I like to use freezer paper and then use starch to turn the seam allowance.  Then I remove the freezer paper and hand stitch the pieces onto the quilt.
 Kathy's frame is starting to come together nicely.
 Mari has her words together and when we go to Bear Paw Quilting she will decide what her background will be.
 Diane is working with her hoochy mama designs.
 The bunny sisters Laura and Charlotte are wearing the ears that Mary Lou gave them and are standing in front of Laura's story frame.  They are 13 months and a day apart in age and celebrated their birthdays on the same day.  Laura has a picture that she is going to interpret of the day.
 Charlotte's story is of her husband painting the house while her uncle played the clarinet.
 Our trip to Bear Paw Quilting is always a fun event.  They have such a great shop with wonderful displays.
 They have lovely lighting and use U shaped bays to increase their use of floor space.  This is their colour wall area.
 A wall of notions, quilts on display and some of their batiks.
 They have a part of the shop that has wool, stitchery, threads and patterns. They also have some civil war fabrics.
 Lovely wool colours waiting to come home with someone.
 I like that star within a star quilt.
 A Judy Niemeyer paper pieced quilt.
 After our shopping expedition we went to lunch at the Coeur d'Alene Hotel Dockside Restaurant.  This is Mari's hamburger.
 Laura ordered an American Burger, check out the flag on the burger.
 I chose the grilled chicken burger.  Aren't the fries presented nicely?
Back to the Jacklin Arts Center and sewing.  Judy's herd is growing bigger.  They are all going to be stripped.                                                                                                                                         
 Laura is making progress on her sister and herself.
 Diane has decided to make flowers.
 My larger pieces are starting to come together.
 Mary share her story quilt with us.  Two years ago nothing was appliqued down yet. Here is where you can see a picture of in in progress. Check out the frog in the lower right corner.  I have a close up in the other post.
 This is Mari's owl exchange quilt top.
 Here is my cow quilt, I changed the legs to make him look like he is jumping.  The  girls at the retreat suggested I add some more stars and Mary Lou suggest that I add one more border; I think I'll do both.
 Another lovely meal prepared by Tina.
 Debbie's hoochy mama blocks now have a bird and a flower to join them.
 Here is a fish on her cutting board.
 Diane's flower garden is growing and there is a butterfly joining them.
 Laura and Charlotte have their Mary Jane shoes on and are holding their gifts.
 Charlotte's husband is on the step ladder, with the dog getting ready to sing.  The car has a cat sitting on top of the hood.
 Speaking of cars, mine has hit the road but looking for a driver and passenger.
 The end of the day, a lovely sunset over the river viewed from my hotel room.

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