Wednesday, 6 June 2012

On the road again Canon Beach and New Westminster, B.C. final stop!

We arrived back at Center Diamond Quilt shop in Canon beach and admired the gardens next to the shop.
 These fringed poppies were real eye catchers.
 Beautiful yellow iris.
 Winter rainbow kale that has become very curvy!
 Center Diamond Fabric.
 They have a lovely selection of batiks, especially ones with ocean themes.
 They have several cases filled with batiks.
 They have many lovely samples to choose from.
 The quilt on the right is called the View from Ecola beach
 A view from the back half of the shop, it is a very narrow shop but very wide.
We went down to Tolovana Beach for a walk along the water.  The sound of the surf and the ocean breezes were most enjoyable.
 Haystack Rock is the large rock on the right.
 The lighthouse beyond and lots of sea birds on the neighbouring rocks.
 Looking back south along the beach.
 A broken sand dollar.
 A half mussel shell.
 Flipped over, see the iridescent interior.
 The waves are rolling in.
 A lost feather.
 Barefoot prints on the beach.
 One last peek at Haystack before we get into the car for the drive home.
 Next morning back at home, rain on an iris.
 Wild looking seed pod.
 Blue irises in the rain.
 A foggy, misty rainy day on the river.
 A promise of a peony.
Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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