Sunday, 3 June 2012

On the road again Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Pismo Beach

We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and found the pelicans on the water.
 If you look closely you can see two splashes on the right side of the water; these were from two pelicans diving for lunch.
 We drove over to Carpinteria to find Roxanne's.  She was the original owner of The Treasure Hunt until she sold it.  She then bought the property back and re-opened as A Wish and A Dream.
 Great play on word on this quilt.
 Lovely little corner for the knitters in the group.
 Some things we all should do on our bucket list.
 Great collection of wool.
 Wool patterns, threads on this wall.
 Need some jewelry?
 Featherweights of all colours of the rainbow.
 I'm partial to this one.
 Kaffe Fasset's fabrics on display.
 More fabrics, love the lime green wall beside the turquoise one.
 Toy kitchen furniture on display.
 Great design.
 Every day you should make a wish.  Check out Roxanne's when you are in the neighbourhood here is her link
 May your crown never be empty.
 I love the flamingo pink showing off two of Mary Lou Weidman's Out of the Box quilts.  The turquoise booth and chairs below make this a favourite corner of mine.
 Farther north up the coast we dropped in on Quiltin' Cousins a great little beach house quilt shop.
 This place is small, but just crammed full of inspiration and fabrics.
 A great selection of books.
 Love all the flamingo themed items.
 Be careful, the king is watching you!
 An old hoosier is filled with trims.
 Cute owl mini quilt, aren't those eyes great?
 Watch out for those flamingos.
In Pismo Beach, make sure you check out Quiltin' Cousins.  Check out their link

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The little book of Nessie said...

More lovely pictures of your trip! What lovely shops to visit. Great seeing pelicans too. Regards, Nessie