Monday, 11 June 2012

On the road again with some introductions and last looks at Mary Lou Weidman's retreat.

This is Kathy from California, she and her sister Judy took Mary Lou's Asilomar class and then hopped into her car and drove 2 days to get to Post Falls to join us at retreat. 
 This is Mari from Santa Monica who has taken several classes from Mary Lou and does a lot of pattern testing for her.
 Tina is from Yorba Linda and manages a quilt store, she was our resident chef.  If you get a chance to meet her take the time and if she cooks for you enjoy!
 Judy lives in Pacific Grove and is Kathy's sister she is working on a quilt for the Monterey Aquarium that should be spectacular.
 Debbie is from Idaho and drove up with her friend Linda.  Debbie was a newbie to Mary Lou's style, but catching on quickly.
 Laura is from San Antonio Texas and working on the Whose Birthday? quilt about her sister Charlotte and herself.
 Charlotte lives in Florida and is doing a story about Music to Paint by; about her husband and uncle.
 Sue is also from Idaho and is working from a photo of her family.
 Linda is standing beside the story of Once Upon A Time depicting her wedding day 30 years ago.
 Here is Diane beside her flower garden, love all the different greens she used.
 Here is my Road Trip story about the trips my mom and I go on.
 Our Mary Lou helping Debbie with her Our Nest is Not Empty drawing.
Here us a small version of one of Mary Lou's story quilts.
 Judy's I'm a Trusty Rusty quilt for the Monterey Aquarium.  She's got starfish and other goodies ready to join the octopus.
 Mari's I Love Moo quilt will also have some more mini cows to represent her husband and two sons.
 Sue has the bones of her house laid out by the end of the week.
 Here is a close up of her drawing, she is also going to do a more Mary Lou version with the same theme.
 Laura's Whose Birthday quilt with presents and a dog blowing a noise maker.  The cake and table are to be added.  Love those presents.
 Here is the picture she is working from.  Her mom made the dresses for the sisters.
 This dog is just too cute.
 Charlotte is going to enlarge her people and change some of the colours.
 That cat is great and the colours of the car just are wonderful.
 Diane decided to use different sashing for her hoochy mama blocks and will make the piano key border wider.
 Linda has started to choose fabrics for her truck.
 Here are the stars that I'm adding to my cow quilt.  I may still change some of the placements after a second look.
 Here are all my components of my Road Trip which I may rename On the Road Again. 
This was the end of the retreat with Mary Lou's retreat.  Try and take a class with her someday, you'll have fun and meet some great people to inspire you and be friends with for a lifetime!


The little book of Nessie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Mary Lou's retreat. They are lovely quilts in the making! Regards, Nessie

Sharon B said...

I was at Mary Lou's retreat in WV the end of April - she is so much fun and we had such a great time. When I win the lottery I am going to follow her around the country:)

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Sandi, thank you for the great photos are a super photographer...Glad to hear that Sharon is going to follow me around the country when the lotto hits...I hope she will get an organizer for my sewing room too...

Sandy said...

What a wonderful description of your trip and retreat! Love your quilt, too!