Friday, 8 June 2012

On the road again to Post Falls, Farm Chicks sale and Mary Lou Weidman retreat!

Saturday evening I arrived in Post Falls and this was the view from my room over the Spokane River.
 Sunday morning with our aprons and tiaras we met up at the Farm Chicks sale.
 Here is most of our group, missing from the picture are Tina, Mari and myself.
 The sale is huge and has something for almost everyone.  Pictures do not do it justice, there are people everywhere, some for the second day.
 I loved this artists whimsical designs, I can't put my hands on her card right now, but will look for it and credit her when I find it.
 Lots of vintage quilts for sale, some with price tags, others you had to ask and the price varied depending on who asked.
 The sign says it all, love the rabbit.
 I like the hand lettering on this sing.
 Take your choice beef or pork?
 I like this woman's designs, she does all the carving and painting herself.  She does not have dogs, but will carve to your description.  They are all signed. I believe her company is called Crow's Feat.
 This thread box came home with me.
 Take off the lid and see the container with some vintage spools and a centre storage area.
 Two wing drawers swing open for storage.
 The thread box is made by Mokelite. Inc. from San Francisco with a patent pending.  It appears to be a Bakelite style of material.
I love anything with a bright lemon colour or motif on it and I could not resist this pitcher.                              
 After the sale we went out to Rancho Viejo in Post Falls for dinner.  To Mary Lou's right is Mari in green and Judi on her left.
 From left to right, Judi's sister Kathy, then Charlotte and Sue on the end.
 In the purple is Debbie, then Laura Charlotte's sister and I'm in the aqua sweater.
 Tina is in the green sweater, Dianne, and Linda finish off our group.
 Day one, everyone setting up and getting their workspace organized at the Jacklin Arts Center.  This is the third retreat I've attended here with Mary Lou.
 Mari is working on her heart swap blocks, Sue has her blocks from last year ready to help her decide how to frame her story.
 Mary Lou talking with Tina as she prepares lunch for us.  What a great cook Tina is.
 More work, but the room is pretty tidy.
 Tina finishing off our lunch boxes.  Not the take out boxes, they housed the Chinese Chicken salad and served as our dishes!
 I want some of that palm tree fabric that Laura and Charlotte bought quite some time ago.
Lunch is served.  Sorry, no more pictures for the day, I was busy tracing my applique designs onto freezer paper.  I got almost all of them done the first day onto fabric choices tomorrow.

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