Wednesday, 6 June 2012

On the road again Florence, Yachats, Newport, Cloverdale, Tillamook, Canon Beach!

We started the day in Florence Oregon and went to Joy of Quilting.  They have a small gallery of quilts for sale within the same building called Gigi Mo's
 The shop has a good sized parking lot and easy entry.
 Just inside the door is the main cutting desk along with notions and a sale room just around the corner.
 There are lots of samples hanging around the 6 rooms.
 Their classroom space is large with natural and artificial lightening.
 A children's room, note the stuffed toys on top of the cupboard.
 A room filled with batiks.
 Another is filled with patterns.
 The front door to the left and cutting table in the foreground. Check them out at
 Just down the road is Wenz-Daze, a huge building that is full of ideas.
 Check out the first room, just filled floor to ceiling with inspiration.
 Turn around slowly or you might miss something.
 Look on top of the shelves.
 Look higher up.
 A beautiful old machine.
 Cool portrait, the shadow is made with fine netting.
 Love the signage.
 I wonder what is below?
 In Yachats we stopped for a late breakfast and found this delightful historic Driftwood Inn.
 The menu almost came home with me, they are all individually decorated.
 Need an umbrella?
 This is where the food comes out from the kitchen
More umbrellas around the bar.
 One merman for all those mermaids.
 In the adjacent room are wares for sale.
 Back onto the rood where Quilter's Cove has moved in Newport Beach, it is now farther north on the same side of the street.  The shop is smaller but filled with samples and fabrics.
 A Maggie Walker seashell piece.
 Sand pails on the beach.
 Clown fish.
 An Oregon sampler.
 Another sea shell table runner.
 The sign says it all.
 Quilter's Cove, check them out if you are in the area.
We drove Otter's Crest loop and ended up overlooking Cape Foulweather.  The day was just lovely.
 Looking out to the point.
 One of my arty pictures.
 Just before you get to Cloverdale, watch for the signs to BJ's Fabric & Quilts "A clearing in a quiet forest."
 Follow the signs carefully.
 You'll be on a dirt road.
 Walk down the path along side the house.
 Inside is decorated from floor to ceiling.
 The store is small but filled with fabrics, check out the rest room you might miss something you need.
 BJ was down in the shop, she has had some recent health issue, but is looking great.  Didn't get a picture of her though.
 Samples and inspiration everywhere. I first found her shop on a trip to Sisters, we went out to the coast and saw her sign on the road and ventured in.  I won a free yard of fabric and have come back each time I'm in the area.  Check her out at
 Next stop was Jane's Fabric Patch which has a recent new paint job.
 Check out the barn block on the front of the building.
 Inside once again there are multiple rooms crammed with fabric.
 Watch where you walk, some of the bolts are resting on the floor.
 A huge classroom filled with some sale fabrics and lots of samples.
 Books and stencils galore!
 Even more patterns.

 Outside on the neighbouring building another barn block.  I picked up a Country Register after visiting and found out there are over 100 barn blocks along the Oregon coast.  The only ones this far west!
 Next stop was Canon beach, too bad we were late for Centre Diamond, we'll come back tomorrow to check them out.

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