Sunday, 28 October 2012

Last Sunday in October

It is hard to believe that is is the last Sunday in October already, we had some rain yesterday and last night but the sun came out this morning.
 I stopped and took a look at Rita's garden and found this lovely pink Dahlia in bloom.
 Her ornamental lanterns are looking lovely.
 The yellow witch hazel tree has some lovely lemon yellow leaves.
 Some lovely Autumn reds and yellows.
 The Oak leaf hydrangea has a lot of different colours of red.
 Here some of the leaves are turning from green to maroon.
 A late ladybug looking for some brunch.
 This couple was enjoying their walk amongst the turning leaves.
 I saw a lot of ladybugs today amongst the roses.
 Some lovely raindrops on this rose.
 More raindrops making a pretty design.
 Another ladybug peeking out from a petal.
 Pink coleus taking a bit of a late growth spurt.
 Yet another ladybug.
 And another..
 ...more ladybugs enjoying the morning sun.
 A spider and web, I find them difficult to photograph.
 A ladybug a fly and just peeking between the petals an ant...must be a good brunch.
 Still hanging on.
 Rose hips starting to plump and become red.
 Some more rose hips.
 Lovely oranges and yellows.
 A closer peek at the colours.
 One of the cherry trees at the entrance of my condo.
 All dressed for Halloween.
 View from my deck towards the reflecting pond, this tree will change over the coming days.
 The view across the river, some trees have more colour than others.
Enjoy your season.

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